43rd Monmouthshire Light Infantry 1795 - 1815 - Battle re-enactment & Living History Group
B Division Big Battalions 43rd Monmouthshire Light Infantry.

About Us

Formed in 2005,  as a battle re enactment & living history unit of both the Napoleonic Association and Crown & Empire,    We form part of the light company  left flank
2nd  Brigade

 Both associations are members of NAReS
       Members are required to maintain the best practice and health & safety requirements of each association and society.
    Members are assigned to local companies
1st Old England  (England)
2nd Flanders       (Belgium)
3rd Hanover        (Germany)
4th Scots             (Scotland)
5th Lisbon           ( Portugal)
Recruit/depot      (Marching on Paper!)

HM Loyal American 43rd Monmouthshire light Infantry
As members of which we take part in all Napoleonic, War of 1812, Georgian, Regency living history events .

43rd Monmouthshire light infantry 1795 -1815 Re-enactment group

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