43rd Monmouthshire Light Infantry 1795 - 1815 - Battle re-enactment & Living History Group
43rd Monmouthshire uniform & equipment
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Light Infantry Shako
Shako Plume
Shako Cockade
Shako bugle badge
Fatigue / off duty hat
black neck cloth / leather stock
White waistcoat
White summer / hot weather Trousers
Grey winter / cold weather overalls
Uniform jacket
Regimental Buttons
Regimental Lace
Fatigue / off duty coat
Great Coat ( Night watch / bad weather)
Military shoes
Short gaiter ( Short Black & Short Grey)
Pack / Blanket roll
Water canteen
Cross Belts (Musket: Cartridge box & Bayonet)
Cross Belt plate ( Musket)
Rifle Belts (Baker Rifle: Cartridge Box & Sword )
Cartridge Box
Cartridge Box Badge
Belt Plate
Belt Plate
Oval belt plate to hold the bayonet and cartridge box belts together
Regimental Lace
The lace is often different for each regiment and this is the 43rd's Contact the us for more details.
Regimental Lace
Regimental Button
Regimental Button
43rd Monmouthshire light infantry button as used by the Napoleonic, War of 1812 re-enactment group.
Bread Bag Jas Townsend
We recommend Jas. Townsend and Son Inc. http://jas-townsend.com
Bread Bag   Jas Townsend
Black Linen Neck Stock LS-375
Black Linen Neck Stock LS-375
Jas Townsend
Work shirt - Cotton SH-124 (White)
Jas Townsend
Work shirt - Cotton SH-124  (White)
Fall Front Trousers PA-125  (in Off White Cotton Canvas)
Fall Front Trousers PA-125 (in Off White Cotton Canvas)
Jas Townsend
Jacket Pattern
We recommend Saundra Ros Altman's past Patterns: No. 40 http://www.pastpatterns.com/040.html
Jacket Pattern
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