43rd Monmouthshire Light Infantry 1795 - 1815 - Battle re-enactment & Living History Group
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     Napoleonic Association 

Since the 43rd Monmouthshire Light Infantry 1795- 1815 was founded in 2005, the unit as been part of the Napoleonic Association. Attending in many of its historical, living history events organised throughout the year as part of its 2nd Brigade. recreating life in the Georgian / Regency period during the Napoleonic and War of 1812.
Formed in 1975 it's history and experience have become best parctice for Napoleonic and war of 1812 re-enactors living history and related re-enactment groups.

The 43rd expects its members to comply with all the NA safety and best practice codes.

43rd Monmouthshire light infantry 1795 -1815 Re-enactment group

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