43rd Monmouthshire Light Infantry 1795 - 1815 - Battle re-enactment & Living History Group

 (2nd Brigade) The brigade will be organised into 5 groups - 1. Rifles 2. Right Flank Line Infanty3. Left Flank Line Infntry4. Light Infantry
 The brigade will be organised into Sections of 32 men per section and Sub sections of 8 men   
  • In charge of each section will be an officer (Or senior NCO)
  • In charge of each subsection will be an NCO
  • It is possible that regiments may find themselves divided into sub-sections/sections with other regiments (to be avoided as much as possible but may be dictated by numbers).
 Commanding officer Brigadier General  Edwin (Ed) Parker (44 East Essex)  
ADCLt   Matt Ring (Europe)    
Brigade Major: Colonel: David Bell (43 Monmouthshire Light Infantry)  
2IC & Senior Officer Light SectionCaptain James Harlow (3 Buffs) Right Flank  Officer  LineCaptain Brian Banford (1 Foot guards)
Left Flank Officer  Capt. Barry Walsh  (27th Inniskilings)
Senior Officer – Rifles  Major Alan Earp (1 95th) 
Surgeons Dept.Major Les Page (44 East Essex) 
In this formation we will take the field at Napoleonic, War of 1812, Georgian, Regency living history re-enactment events.

43rd Monmouthshire light infantry 1795 -1815 Re-enactment group

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