43rd Monmouthshire Light Infantry 1795 - 1815 - Battle re-enactment & Living History Group

 (2nd Brigade) The brigade will be organised into 5 groups - 1. Rifles 2. Right Flank Line Infanty3. Left Flank Line Infntry4. Light Infantry
 The brigade will be organised into Sections of 32 men per section and Sub sections of 8 men   
  • In charge of each section will be an officer (Or senior NCO)
  • In charge of each subsection will be an NCO
  • It is possible that regiments may find themselves divided into sub-sections/sections with other regiments (to be avoided as much as possible but may be dictated by numbers). 

43rd Monmouthshire light infantry 1795 -1815 Re-enactment group

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