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Battle of the Nations 2015
Fort Amherst September 2014
Morden Park May 2014
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Battle of the Nations 2015

I am very pleased to announce that Battle of the Nations 2015 the 4th event to take place is very defenitly ON,

Unfortunately Hunton Court cannot host the event next year due to conservation work being carried out.  The owners of the park as they have thousands of trees to plant and they are trying to return the park and grounds to its former glory.

But we have another fantastic site to host the event   Wollaton Hall   Nottingham, NG8 2AE 

Set up camp Saturday 2nd May 2015

Fort Amherst September 2014

Fort Amhurst Garrison Event  20th 21st September 2014  3rd 95th/NA event
This will be a rare opportunity for re actors to have a fullyimmersive weekend by garrisoning a Napoleonic Fort.

The fort has amazing facilities which include working fires and barrack rooms, and plenty of features to practise period drill and skirmishing in woodlands and trenches, casements.

Our plan is we have a garrison commander and chief of staff ( Rob Yuill) who will run the garrison on a real time programme, which will include sentry duty, guarding of French prisoners, musketry training and skirmish tactics.

Morden Park May 2014


Morden Hall Park, South West London, between Wimbledon and Sutton, SM4 5JD

Please find instructions and conditions for our event. Please print this off and bring it with you. You will be told at the gate where your pitch.

UNLOADING at this venue is between 12pm and 7pm on the Friday afternoon, from 7.30am on the Saturday & 8.30am on Sunday and Monday.

Notice Board is open

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